Be In Business For Yourself

While we demand high standards and professionalism from our agents, we also provide some of the best and most comprehensive support in the industry.

Selling Skills

At SIG , we take pride in the fact that we provide our agents with training that uses state-of-the-art business building techniques, designed to develop long-term relationships between you and your customers. Our latest training innovation provides unique training for new career agents in a campus-style environment.

Because SIG values and encourages continual education, we will invest in your success with advanced training throughout your career — as well as reimburse your tuition for any successfully completed college-level industry courses that lead to professional designations.

Marketing Support

There’s no better way to build your business than with effective marketing, so at SIG we do what it takes to help customers know our agents are out there. Aside from our national television and radio spots, and an acclaimed quarterly magazine, we also offer agents a terrific opportunity to do their own local advertising with our financial assistance.


We have developed point of sale tools to facilitate the sales process so you can focus your attention on customers’ needs — not on complicated applications and forms.

Other Benefits

To give you and your family the security you deserve, group benefit plans are available and subsidies may be available to offset  some of the expenses for comprehensive health coverage. Group plans include: dental, vision, long-term disability, Life, A.D.D. and E&O.


Give some careful consideration to these two questions:

Does your current job offer the opportunities described here?

Are you willing to develop a career that does offer these opportunities?